Music Spotlight: Kings Kaleidoscope // Becoming Who We Are

KKWithout a doubt, Kings Kaleidoscope is one of my favorite bands.

Over the years, this ten-member group has crafted such a fresh and unique sound that is blended with rich and uplifting lyrics. However, up until this point, Kings Kaleidoscope has only given us snapshots of who they are. Previously, the band has only released four EPs (Sin, Asaph’s Arrows, Joy Has Dawned and Live in Color). Though each EP is incredible, they have left anyone whose been privileged to hear their sound thirsty for a full-length record.

Now they’re back to satisfy our thirsts.

Becoming Who We Are is a seventeen-track masterpiece. Combining a mix of newly written songs with new renditions of some of their older songs as well as hymns and a cover, no song on this record should be skipped. Of the seventeen tracks, my favorites would have to be Felix Culpa, 139 and Seek Your Kingdom

Felix Culpa, in particular, highlights frontman Chad Gardener’s extravagant ability to write passionately poetic and yet personal lyrics. The bridge, specifically, illustrates both the wickedness of humanity because of their sin as well as the love of God made evident through the work of Jesus:

And still I’m a wicked, wretched man, I do everything I hate

I am fighting to be god, I seethe and claw and thrash and shake

I have killed and stacked the dead, on a throne from which I reign

In the end I just want blood, and with His blood my hands are stained

See the God who reigns on high, He has opened His own veins

From His wounds a rushing torrent that can wash it all away

Grace upon grace, upon grace upon grace

Check out Kings Kaleidoscope playing Felix Culpa here:

If you’re interested in hearing how the band was inspired to write some of their songs, check out Live in Color:

Check out Kings Kaleidoscope on iTunes, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, like them on Facebook, give them some love on their website and be sure to go see them live with Citizens & Saints this Winter if you get the chance.


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