Music Spotlight: Citizens & Saints // Join the Triumph

I have a difficult time finding worship music that doesn’t have an outdated sound or corny lyrics. Thank God for bands like Citizens & Saints!

The Seattle-based band is back with an amazing follow-up album to their smash-hit Citizens (one of my favorite worship albums thus far). On their new record, Join the Triumph,  the  five-piece group broadens their sound, expanding into a horizon that draws from bands like The Cure, The Smiths and Tears for Fears.

This eleven-track record combines many new originals as well as a handful of hymns and a few covers by bands like Ghost Ship and The Sing Team. Of the originals, You Brought Me Back to Life and The Mighty Hand of God are my favorite. Among the hymns and covers, There is a Fountain and The Gospel stand out amid the rest.

One thing I especially love about Citizens & Saints is their ability to modernize the sound of hymns is unbelievable. Them, Kings Kaleidoscope and Ascend the Hill are a major part of this generation’s newfound interest in the age-old songs.

Blending their New Wave-esque sound with frontman Zach Bolen singing and often chanting of lyrics rich in theological depth and edifying truths, Citizens & Saints have delivered another must-have record for any music fan.

Check out the music video for their recent single You Brought Me Back to Life:

Here’s The Mighty Hand of God:

Check out Citizens & Saints on iTunes, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, like them on Facebook, give them some love on their website and be sure to go see them live this Winter if you get the chance.


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