Ministry Update: We’re Moving On

By Tyler & Erin Saldaña

In December, we announced that we would be moving to the state of Washington. An opportunity arose for me to serve as the Associate Campus & Worship Pastor at Timberlake Church in the city of Issaquah.

Now, after over a month of praying and thinking through the situation as well as seeking counsel from close mentors, we have decided to leave Timberlake Church after just under three months of serving on staff. Due to major differences in theology, methodology, mission and staff values that quickly became apparent to us, we did not feel right remaining a part of the church nor did we think we could faithfully and passionately serve the community at Timberlake.

Regardless of our differences, we are grateful for our short time at the church. We trust that ultimately, God is sovereign and our time at Timberlake was not in vain. In the short time, we’ve formed some awesome relationships with people in and out of the church. We have also been challenged and as a result have learned a lot and grown much closer together.

What’s Next?

Currently, we are planning on staying in our city, Issaquah, Washington. In all our talks about potentially leaving the church, we never really considered leaving the area. For us both, this city has become our home.

We are currently in the application and interview process to become a Pastoral Resident at a local Acts 29 church. Essentially, we would go through a two-year apprenticeship to develop as potential church planters. Simultaneously, we will be working multiple side jobs to support ourselves during the residency and to stay connected with the community.

We ask that you please keep us in your prayers over the coming months as we seek God’s call on our marriage. We believe that He is leading us to plant a church in an urban context in the next decade. Please keep us in your prayers as the path there seems long, windy, and at times unclear.

Thank you for loving and supporting us as we pursue God’s call on our marriage!


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