A Prayer in Response to Isaiah 66:2


“But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my Word.”

– Isaiah 66:2

May I be as so,

May I see your son and His generous humility

disregarded His deity

became as you and me

obedient as could be

only to be hung upon a tree

buried and on day three

conquered sin, death, and the enemy

proving the One true King

on our behalf, intercedes

that we may behold His majesty

May my spirit be humble and contrite

choke at the delight

that I take in my sin

the evil from within

murdered an innocent man

clean were His hands

yet He was placed on trial

as though His heart and hands defiled

His very nature

the essence of His stature

deemed guilty but was not so

our sin He did own

May I tremble at Your Word

as a worm reacts to a bird

break me into countless pieces

deal with me as You reason

for far higher are Your ways

everlasting is Your reign

Your eternal kingdom, we proclaim

the Name above all names

may I behold the weight of Your worth

the glory that extends from heaven to earth

may I be broken and undone

as You reveal to us glimpses of Your infinitely glorious Son


Somehow, We Know Now


Though sin may abound, Seems it’s all to be found, Somehow, this is for good.

Though the darkness will not lift, Seems like you’re trapped within, Somehow, this is for good.

Though there’s only bad news, Seems like you only lose, Somehow, this is for good.

Though your branches are bare, Seems as though no one cares, Somehow, this is for good.



Now sin, it will not last, Soon, it will only be our pasts, We know now it was for good.

Now darkness leads to light, Soon, day will arise from night, We know now it was for good.

Now we know the greatest news, The cross of Christ, His empty tomb, We know now it was for good.

Now our branches are filled with fruit, Good and bad, God did use, We know now it was for good.